Yelixza [Je-Leak-Sah]

For most of my life the only thing I was passionate about was dancing. I wanted to dance behind people like Chris Brown and Beyoncé. Compete on shows like So You Think You Can Dance. When that didn't go as planned, I was told to go to school for a career that's in demand. Get a degree that'll get you a "real" job. So of course I tried, I chose nursing because I knew I wanted to help people one way or another. Just when I thought I had everything planned, the Universe had something else in mind. I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy!

How the Journey began...

I was looking at my newborn son one day and thought to myself "I created someone so beautiful I wonder if I could recreate him in a drawing." So I took out a piece of paper, started drawing him and by the time I was done my jaw was on the floor. I realized at 23 years old that I could bring a picture to life and that’s when my art journey began. I discovered a whole new passion for creating beautiful things in my mind. Spent my days practicing and teaching myself how to paint. Attended several Art in Park Festivals, Performed Live Painting events, Instructed Sip and Paint parties, Sold my pieces and many Custom Portrait Paintings. 5 years later I left my job November of 2020 and decided to become a Full-time Artist. Art is all that I think about now. I see it everywhere in life and people. Art is everything and everything is Art.


Inspiration & Drive

My son truly inspired me to push my limits and believe in myself. I never knew I could paint or draw. Never went to school for it, I just did it and practiced. I found my purpose because of him. Still to this day he teaches me to be unapologetic and fierce in my journey! He puts himself out there without a care of what anyone else thinks. My little ball of fearless energy. That type of confidence is what that drives me to share my art with the world. I want my Art to remind people how beautiful they are and how much beauty is in the world. Encourage deep self love and healing. Inspire others to believe in yourself more than anybody else. You just might surprise yourself like I did. 

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